• Relief from Chronic Pain

    Chronic pain can impact every facet of your life.  You may struggle with your moods, your relationships, being able to function at work, playing with your kids, or doing chores or projects at home.  If you’ve been coping with pain over time, you may find yourself feeling frustrated that you haven’t been able to get relief from traditional medical approaches or that, when you get relief, it doesn’t last.  I offer an evidence-supported psychotherapy model for people experiencing chronic pain called Pain Reprocessing Therapy.  This therapy model helps people to change their relationship with their pain signals in ways that helps to reduce or even eliminate chronic pain, even pain that has been present for many years!  During our treatment of your pain, I will conduct a thorough assessment with you of the history of your pain, the symptoms that you are experiencing, and the ways that it is interferring in your everyday life.  Using mindfulness and behavioral strategies, we will work to explore the roots of your pain and to expand the times that you are not experiencing pain.  This approach has a very high success rate in reducing the experience of pain to neutral sensations in the body and can begin to produce results within weeks!   Let’s talk about how Pain Reprocessing Therapy may be able to help you reclaim your pain-free life!