• Problems with Relationships

    Problems with relationships can take many forms.  You may be experiencing high levels of conflict with a spouse or partner, child, parent, or friends.  Alternatively, you might also feel disconnected, isolated, or lonely, sometimes even if you are surrounded by people that you love.  Others may struggle to make connections with new people in their lives and become frustrated by these missed opportunities. These kinds of relationship problems can sometimes be a product of long-standing relationship patterns that we learned earlier in our lives.  These patterns may have been useful at the time that they developed but may no longer be serving a useful purpose or could even be making things worse.  Gaining a better understanding of your own patterns of emotions, behaviors, and communication styles in your relationships can be helpful to resolve whatever obstacles are preventing you from having the warm and connected relationships that you are craving.  I use a combination of approaches to help you learn your own patterns, understand where those patterns may have started, and discover how to make changes to bring you meaningful and enriching relationships.  If you are struggling with problems in your relationships, contact me for a free consultation so that we can talk about ways that I can help.